David Fitzgerald

David Fitzgerald

Global Director of Education, International

David Fitzgerald is an experienced school and system leader with over 30 years of experience in education. He holds an MA in Educational Leadership and undergraduate degrees in Education and Business. Prior to joining our Group, David was a successful Head/Principal of five schools across government, private independent and international sectors. He has been involved in international education since 2006 and has worked in IB World Schools, US Curriculum schools, Indian Curriculum schools and NCfE schools. David has system leadership experience with the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong and with GEMS Education as Senior Vice President – Education for GEMS US and IB Schools. David is an accredited IB, CIS and WASC team visitor and Chair, and an accredited Performance Coach. 

David is currently the Global Director of Education, International for Education in Motion. In his role, he is responsible for the educational outcomes and the quality of education provision for all EiM international curricula schools and is focused on improving education quality. David is continually seeking to raise the bar to provide an education offering that is aligned to the needs and expectations of students and parents.


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