Live Worldwise Ambassador Grant

The Worldwise Alumni Network wants to help you to Live Worldwise, as active global citizens committed to Sustainable Development in your careers.

Intern in Argentina and do meaningful work. Learn from thoughtful mentors who care. Expand your global network. Be immersed in a new culture.

EiM alumni can apply to receive the 2024 Live Worldwise Ambassador Grant that fully covers the Puentes in-person internship program and your roundtrip airfare to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our purpose is to give you real world professional development opportunities that will make a meaningful impact on the world through the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Puentes In-Person Internship Program image
Puentes In-Person Internship Program

The selected grantee will carry out an internship in the field of sustainable development, given the importance of this topic for EiM, for its students and alumni, and for the world.  

Program Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina image
Program Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of South America. Life in Buenos Aires can be a stimulating international experience, while simultaneously seeming familiarly modern. 

Live Worldwise Grantee Spotlight

Ingrid B.

Ingrid B., DCB 2017, Business Development Intern, Summer 2020

Internship Site: Crossroad of storytelling and Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots, designed to generate social impact.

Internship Project: Market research and analysis on the company’s industry, with mapping of partners and co-creators ecosystem. Conceptualize, set up, grow, and manage the company’s social media presence and content.

In her words: "My Puentes experience was unique and professionally life changing. It was extremely insightful, provided me a lot of hands on experience in applying what I've learned in the classroom in a real professional environment. It allowed to me to engrain myself in an entirely different culture whilst also obtaining valuable work experience."

Listen to Ingrid speak about "Graduating as a Responsible Global Citizen" on DCI’s ‘The Pons Talk’ Podcast!

Yuzhe Z.

Yuzhe Z., DHSZ 2018, Project Management Intern, Summer 2020

Internship Site: Crossroad of storytelling and Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots, designed to generate social impact.

Internship Project: Run an experiment to validate the company’s product in the Asian market. Adapt a story and content about sex education to the company’s chatbot platform in order to conduct outreach to schools in China and release a pilot. Research, contact, and liaise with possible partners for the pilot experiment.

In her words: "The project work is interesting and the tasks are set in a clear manner. They are of great balance of doable and challenging. My internship supervisor gave me sufficient guidance while giving me enough room to take my own initiatives.”

Pei Yan L.

Pei Yan L., Project Assistant, Summer 2021

Internship Site: NGO that promotes sustainability in the world of fashion, with a strong focus on research and educational projects.

Internship Project: Conducted research on reducing carbon emissions across value chains in the fashion industry. Created a webinar and blog post on the topic. Also researched on natural fibers used in the Asia region.

In her words: “The most rewarding part of my internship is knowing that I am partly contributing towards sustainable fashion with what I can do. Trying to live sustainably and advocating for environmental issues is something close to my heart. Another rewarding part is having the chance to learn new things, such as researching about fibres and textiles, which I had very little knowledge on prior to this.”

Guanyi C.

Guanyi C., Marketing Intern, Summer 2021

Internship Site: Digital Health Records business that utilizes artificial intelligence that learns each doctor’s unique way of practicing and gets faster and smarter with every use.

Internship Project: Produced three blog posts for the company, covered three specialty web page contents for the company’s official website, and wrote the company’s official FAQ web page and Wikipedia page content.

In her words: “I liked the room for the flexibility and the independent working provided. Overall, the programme provided me insights in high-tech marketing and how to work/communicate remotely with my colleagues.”

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How To Receive A Live Worldwise Grant

Apply by January 5, 2024, for the EiM Live Worldwise Ambassador Grant. Read on for details about the comprehensive grant opportunity and the application process.



Grant exclusively for alumni of Education in Motion schools (including Dulwich College International and Green School), which will fully cover your roundtrip airfare to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and your participation in the Puentes in-person internship program, including the following:

  • Sustainable development internship in a high-performing business or nonprofit with meaningful work and close guidance.
  • Personalized internship placement process to arrange a strong match with your interests, skills, and goals.
  • Puentes oversight meetings to ensure a successful and highly engaging professional experience.
  • Seminars and professional development workshops on key themes of global work and Argentine culture.
  • Housing in a private bedroom in a fully furnished homestay or shared apartment.
  • Airport pickup, transfer to housing, and orientation seminars, including a welcome tote.
  • Welcome pack with SIM card, public transportation card, adaptor, sweets, and tote bag.
  • City tour, local cultural activity, and day trip to become immersed in your new home city.
  • Participant support before, during, and after the program, including 24/7 on-site support in Buenos Aires.
  • Access to the online Participant Portal with resources on living in Argentina, programming details, and the Intern Directory.
  • Networking events with peer Puentes interns, as well as alumni, to build current and future bridges.


APPLY BY JANUARY 5, 2024: Please respond to both of the prompts below in short essay format on the application form:

  1. Choose one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help explain your interest in sustainable development and why it is important to you. Your answer should include a reflection on your time as student. (150 words)
  2. How do you hope this grant and experience will impact your future, and how would you like to share this impact with current high school students? (250 words)

We want you to see that your answers are impassioned, ambitious, and creative.

Submit your short essays together with your professional resume through the brief application form by January 5, 2024

CONFIRM: After reviewing all completed applications, Puentes and EiM staff will choose the grantees and alternates.

  • Grantees will need to confirm participation within 5 days of receiving the grant offer. If this requirement is not met, the grant will be given to the highest ranked alternate.

GIVING BACK: Selected Living Worldwise Ambassador grantees will be asked to do the following before, during, and after the internship experience:

  • Before: Join an EiM-led orientation for the Living Worldwise Alumni Ambassadors.
  • During: Produce bi-weekly videos throughout internship (2 to 3 minutes each) that detail what you are doing and learning and respond to prompts from the EiM team.
  • After:
    • Produce one post-internship video or blog reflection that shares your experiences with the EiM student communities.
    • Be available to connect with current EiM high school students to share your experience through programming by the EiM Sustainability and Global Citizenship teams. You might also be asked to reflect on your high school and university experiences, as well as your future career interests, to provide advice for current students who are making choices about ECAs and university applications.
    • Participate in an interview or podcast for the Worldwise Alumni Network to share experiences with fellow alumni.
    • Join a call with the EiM Counselor Collaboration group to help EiM counselors understand the internship experience in the context of providing counseling to current students.


The grantee will participate in the Puentes in-person internship program that will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from May 31 to July 27, 2024.

The application deadline is January 5, 2024, and winners will be announced in February 2024.


All alumni of Education in Motion schools (including Dulwich College International and Green School), who are at least 18 years old and have already graduated from high school.  You must be registered on the Dulwich College International Alumni Engagement Platform. At least an intermediate Spanish level is recommended but not required. The more Spanish proficiency you have, the more internship options will be available to you and the more opportunities for cultural and professional immersion you will have while in country.

The grant will be awarded to the EiM alum or alumna who best demonstrates passion for sustainable development, who shows that this experience will make a positive impact on their future, and who has the most exciting ideas for sharing the personal impact of the grant with current students.

Hear From Our Student

I had an amazing Puentes internship that saw me bring a product from concept to launch. I had the opportunity to meet and work with individuals from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, China, France, and Bangladesh: it was a truly international experience. The work was substantive, challenging, and most importantly of all, fun. I know that the lessons learned from my Puentes experiences have made me a far better working professional. I could not have asked for more from my Puentes internship. — Nick B., Project Management Intern, Princeton University

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