Groundbreaking ceremony at Dehong Beijing

Design of Dehong Beijing International Chinese School

On April 10 2019, Dehong Education held a groundbreaking ceremony in Luneng's prestigious Grassetown for its new school, Dehong Beijing International Chinese School. The ceremony was attended by representatives from Dulwich College International, Dulwich College Beijing (sister school to Dehong Beijing) and members of Luneng's Grassetown project.

Dehong Beijing will be the second Dehong school to open in China, following the successful opening of Dehong Shanghai International Chinese School in 2017. They will officially open in September 2019, offering classes from Grades 1 to 3. In September 2020, the school will offer classes from Kindergarten to Grade 7 and will eventually expand to educate students through to Grade 12.

Dehong Chinese International School is designed for Chinese students and offers a combined academic programme of the Chinese compulsory curriculum and the Dulwich College International educational philosophy and pedagogy.

Students in Dehong schools receive a holistic education, made up of three key characteristics: being bi-lingual, bi-literate, and bi-cultural. This means that Dehong students will be able to communicate fluently in both Chinese and English, switching easily between the languages in daily communication, as well as reading and writing. Dehong students will understand and adapt to the cultural differences between the East and West with tolerance and openness, enabling them to realise their potential in two cultures. More importantly, every Dehong student is instilled with pride for their national culture whilst benefitting from a curriculum that advocates the importance of developing global perspectives.