Director of the Education Team, Craig Davis, met with Professor Rob Coe, Dr Stuart Kime and Jamie Scott from the award-winning Evidence Based Education group at Dulwich College to sign a group-wide agreement to provide ongoing bespoke training, consultation and professional learning in the areas of effective teaching, feedback, assessment essentials, value added analysis and the philosophy of assessment.

These services will enable teachers from every school in the DCI network to access their expertise and resources both online and during face-to-face launch sessions. 

The group has been working with DCI for over a year providing professional learning and research training in assessment practices, data analysis and the methodologies needed to conduct effective action research.

The EBE team are academics who have been or are working in Durham University’s Education Department and the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM). 

Craig said, “The recent validation of EBE’s Assessment Lead Programme by the International Baccalaureate Organisation and the recognition of the group winning the Queen’s Award highlights EBE’s exceptional talent and standing in the world of education. We are excited to be embarking on DCI’s bold new education strategy knowing we are partnering with the very best evidence based practitioners in the field.”