Edgar Zillmann

Edgar Zillmann

Head of Events and Educational Partnerships

Since joining our Group in 2016, Edgar has been leading the creation and transformation of Worldwise Events, a bespoke programme of network-wide educational events for students, teachers, parents, and the wider DCI community such as the Dulwich Olympiad, the annual Student Leadership Conference, and the Shackleton Lectures. He works closely with teachers and educators from across the schools while managing key external partnerships to develop new initiatives and to deliver exceptional educational experiences to all members of the DCI family in both the offline and online environment.

Before joining the our Group, Edgar worked as an Event Manager on a diverse range of events in Europe including exhibitions and trade fairs, business and educational conferences such as the first TEDx in Aarhus (Denmark) and various cultural events and festivals from city-wide Chinese New Year celebrations to a European Capital of Culture project.

Edgar has a degree in marketing-communication from Hungary and event management from Denmark.

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